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Stitched | Elena Sobol

Kozlov Chronicles Book 1
Urban Fantasy Series

Bloodthirsty monsters. Stupid-hot elves. And a demigod who wants his “destiny” to shove it.

Hi, I’m Dmitry, Baba Yaga’s grandson—but don’t tell my boss at the bar. For a guy who makes great beer, a lot of people want to kill me. Ever since my grandma hid me and my magic daggers in Utah, I’ve kept a low profile with my metalhead roommates.

‘Cause that’s what you do when your demigod cousins want to burn you alive.

Now portals to my home world are opening across the city, trashing my hard-won new identity. Not to mention all the human-snacking monsters they’re letting through.

My shifter friend, Alysa, wants me to help hunt down the shidiot tearing open reality and, even worse, the universal police are threatening deportation.

This is about to get messy. And if my cousins follow the commotion? I am one dead demiguy.

Folklore meets humor in this action-packed urban fantasy saga. Perfect for the fans of Kevin Hearne, M.D. Massey, Deborah Wilde, and Jim Butcher.

Grainy Surface

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