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Ripped | Urban Fantasy Series


Kozlov Chronicles Book 3
Urban Fantasy Series

Narrowly escaping death? Good. Finding out that the goddess who killed my mother might still be alive? Very bad.

Receiving disturbing news sent me looking for the last person I want to find—my pyro cousin Golo. Unfortunately, he's been elusive enough to give a guy a complex.

When my search takes me to the Thai pantheon, I'm prepared to drag Golo back by force. What I'm not prepared for is my roommate getting kidnapped. Or a beautiful girl with her own agenda and an honest-to-gods monkey tail.

Now, I must travel to the demon city of Lonka to face an old enemy who might or might not be wearing my cousin's face. If I can get through a horde of monsters and sexy killer mermaids. Oh, and did I mention the monkey army? Things are about to get hairy.

Folklore meets humor in this action-packed urban fantasy saga. Perfect for the fans of Kevin Hearne, M.D. Massey, Deborah Wilde, and Jim Butcher.

Grainy Surface

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