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Hemmed | Urban Fantasy Series


Kozlov Chronicles Book 4
Urban Fantasy Series

Likho killed my mother. Now, she’s coming for the world.

After a trek through the Thai pantheon, I got a nasty surprise–my supposedly “dead” aunt is very much alive. She is now loose in the human world, body snatching and twisting everything in her path. Which means I need backup. To find muscle strong enough to oppose her, I have to do the stupidest thing imaginable–challenge my cousin Zloba. The demigod of wrath only respects martial prowess, and I’ll need to make an impression. A "minor" problem is that he can control my daggers, so my trusty needles have to take a backseat. Instead, I must find a mythical new weapon he can't control.

Good news? It’s in Utah’s backyard–the Arizona desert. Bad news? It’s supposedly surrounded by horrible monsters and deadly trials. Shocking. Teaming up with Alysa, my shifter friend-turned-crush, I brave the desert. I just hope that my awakening feelings for her don’t distract me into making a mistake that finally gets me killed.

Folklore meets humor in this action-packed urban fantasy saga. Perfect for the fans of Kevin Hearne, M.D. Massey, Deborah Wilde, and Jim Butcher.

Grainy Surface

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