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Shifted | Elena Sobol
Kozlov Chronicles | Urban Fantasy Series

Delve into the world of magic, myths and legends

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My name is Alysa and everyone and their ghoul is after me.

Hidden inside my ferret skin is something that many supernaturals would kill to possess—a portal to Vyraj, the Slavic pantheon. That seriously cuts into my time brewing coffee for my customers and fishing in my shifter form. This is all because I was once a lab animal of a great sorcerer who left me with blue hair and an unnaturally long life.


Now, I’m happy to teleport any unwelcome visitors and have tea with the local cougar clan. Things get complicated when a dragon makes an appearance in my town. To make things worse, he’s tall, dark and handsome and desperately needs my help. The way back to peace lies in helping him defeat his murderous sister—and confronting the secrets of my old master.


Can I preserve my anonymity and survive, or will this new call to adventure bring doom to all I love?

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