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Emergency Underworld| Urban Fantasy Novel

Emergency Underworld

Death's Dragon Book 1
Urban Fantasy Series

There is a dragon inside my skin. She eats human souls.

My name is Chrys and I rescue souls from Hell. My life is demons, ghosts, and driving my van through the streets of Reno like a racer on crack. My coworkers think I’m a monster, my partner reaps the dead, and valkyries want to gut me. Even worse, the dragon shifter inside me wants to gobble up human souls like they’re Tic Tacs.

When demons break out of Hell, my partner and I are blamed. It’s up to me to find the real culprit and save the souls they’d stolen. Even if it goes against the laws of our agency and royally pisses off Zandro Hrom—my infuriatingly sexy and stubborn thunder god ex. With my dragon bursting out, angry incubi on my heels, and the world’s most annoying demon as my ally, I’m running out of time. And caffeine.

Fans of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, or Faith Hunter will enjoy this feel-good urban fantasy full of action-packed adventure, humor, and a slow-burn romance. Pick up Book 1, Emergency Underworld, today!

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